OFTEC 50 training

OFTEC Oil 50 - Introduction to Domestic Oil Fired Appliances


This is a practical course designed for operatives lacking or with no experience of domestic oil installations.

This course is designed to give more intensive and detailed practical training than the standard courses, which are aimed at experienced operatives. The aim of each part of the course is that the candidate will reach the required standard to enable them to undertake the standard assessments.

The main aim of the course is to ensure that the delegate has a solid background and enough practical knowledge in oil to perform the everyday tasks of a competent oil operative

Course objectives/key benefits

To provide candidates with the knowledge, understanding and skills to undertake work on domestic oil installations.

Who is the course aimed at?

Anyone wishing to carry out work on domestic oil-fired installations but who has no previous experience or qualifications.

Entry requirements/pre-requisites

Anyone undertaking this course must have basic plumbing skills. A knowledge of heating systems will also be highly advantageous.

Course content

Course duration

Three days

Training Method

Practical workshop and theory


There is no formal assessment for the OFTEC 50 course.

However upon successful completion of the exercises set during the course, candidates will be able to undertake any of the relevant oil assessments; OFT101, OFT102, OFT105E, OFT600A, OFT201.

Course Outcome/Qualification

Recommendation for assessment under the OFTEC competent persons scheme.

Materials Required/Provided

Candidates will need up-to-date OFTEC Books 1, 2, 3 & 4 (available from our office on 01579 348544 or info@swaat.co.uk,).

Book 5 will be required for anyone wishing to undertake the OFT102 assessment.

Book 7 will be required for anyone wishing to undertake the OFT201 assessment.

Candidates will be provided with a training pack.


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