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EAL NVQ Levels 2/3 Electrical Installations - Part Time


This electrical installation course is designed for candidates who may have a limited prior knowledge and understanding of the Electrical Engineering sector but have the ability to achieve an intermediate qualification.

It is ideally suited to anyone thinking about Electrical Engineering as a career but who would like some experience of the job role first, or wish to learn new skills.

This course is aligned to the QCF framework.

Course objectives/key benefits

This course will enable the candidate to gain suitable and sufficient knowledge and understanding required by someone working in the Electrical Engineering Industry.

The qualification covers a wide range of subjects including Environment Awareness, Electrical Engineering Techniques, Electrical Engineering Principles, Electrical Principles, Electrical Testing Methods, Electrical Systems and Devices, Electrical installation Methods, Wiring and Circuit Protection, Basic Electrical Circuit Inspection and Testing and Fault Diagnosis.

Who is the course aimed at?

This course is for anyone wanting to become a fully qualified Electrical Installation professional.

To undertake the NVQ2 or 3 Electrical Installation you must be employed in Electrical Installation, or have a workplace where you can undertake practical Electrical Installation and be assessed.

If you do not have either of these you cannot take an NVQ. You can start an NVQ without previous qualifications in electrical installation if you have a relevant workplace where you can undertake electrical installation work.

Once you successfully complete NVQ2 you progress straight to NVQ3.

Entry requirements/pre-requisites

There are no pre-requisites to undertaking this course.

However, those with prior electrical experience may be able to 'fast-track' part of this course. Please contact our office on 01579 348544 or info@swaat.co.uk for further details.

For anyone wishing to undertake a 'taster' course for this NVQ qualification, South West Assessment and Training offer a three-day Basic Electrics course.

Course content

Course duration

NVQ2 and NVQ3 can be gained over 1 year each.

However in some cases we are able to fast track the qualification; this is dependent on your ability to complete set criteria of NVQ, collecting evidence on site in your work.

Please contact our office on 01579 348544 or info@swaat.co.uk for further information.

Training Method

Candidates will have practical and theory lessons with the course tutor. The current course involves approximately 60% practical and 40% theoretical work. Practical work involves hands-on work in the workshops.

Theoretical work involves working in class through the workbooks that cover the theory. Candidates will also need to spend time collecting evidence of their work onsite and will be assessed onsite during the course.


Practical assessment and theory question papers.

Course Outcome/Qualification

The NVQ 2 is the requirement to become a fully qualified, registered Electrical Installation Professional.

NVQ 3 is the industry requirement to take managerial roles.

Materials Provided

Candidates will be provided with a training pack.


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