Gas Training

Domestic Natural Gas Individual Appliance Assessments (add-ons)


Assessments for individual domestic natural gas appliances, for anyone wishing to 'add on' to their existing domestic gas qualifications.

Course objectives/key benefits

Upon successful completion of the assessment candidates will be able to undertake work on the domestic natural gas appliances, to which the appropriate assessments successfully undertaken apply.

Who is the course aimed at?

Any existing GAS SAFE registered gas operatives who intend to work on domestic natural gas installations.

Entry requirements/pre-requisites

Candidates will need to have either successfully completed the Domestic Natural Gas Core Assessment (CCN1) or be able to provide sufficient evidence that they have passed this assessment at another college or assessment centre.

Please contact our office on 01579 348544 or e-mail SWAAT at for further details.

Course content

Add-ons for domestic natural gas available are;

Course duration

Generally half a day per 'add-on' undertaken is sufficient.

However, the duration of the assessment(s) depends upon how many and which assessments are being undertaken.

Please contact our office (01579 348544 or for further advice.

Training Method

This is not a training course (assessment only).

Anyone requiring training needs to consider undertaking the Foundation Gas course or the Fast Track Gas course as required.


Practical assessment and multiple-choice question papers.

Course Outcome/Qualification

Candidates who successfully complete the assessment(s) will be certificated under the ACS scheme for the appropriate installations/appliances for which they have been assessed.

Materials Required

It is an open book assessment and it is therefore highly recommended that candidates undertaking it have an up-to-date gas publication.

Copies of the Viper Gas book can be obtained prior to the assessment from our office (01579 348544 or


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